Friday 17 August 2012 is basically No Frill, Low Cost, Recession Proof and Win Win business concept

A Business Plan which looks bit funny and unrealistic for a traditional businessman but for innovative Entreprenures, who can think out of the box the business idea would appeal them. is basically No Frill, Low Cost, Recession Proof and Win Win business concept promoted by highly qualified and Internationally Traveled Group of Young Enterprenurs.  Where a golgapppawala not only deliver yummy golgapppa in a very hygenic fashion at competitve price but also give  free information about many b2b services like free registration on Matrimonial websites, Job and Travel websites and  that's too by filling, the three basic information like Name, e Mail id & Mobile No. which hardly takes two minutes.Rest everything will be taken by Team, at the back office by Email sms and followed by Phone calls.

Probably is the first and Only Golgappa kiosk in the world which has their own website and blogs promoted by a very dedicated and passionate team of Entreprenuress. If anyone wants to get these services any time then he can visit This website is already visited by more then 60,000 people worldwide from 160 countries within a span of less than 100 days.

Our ideal ikon golgapppawala is an Aam Aadmi doing very basic business standing at  the road side, he is not a big corporate a politician or any social worker,but he loves to talk about the deforestration,non violence, dowry & motivates youth to stop corruption,smoking and alchol consumption and become an Entreprenures. Every guest who will visit the kiosk Golgapppa wala give him message for the betterment of the society in a form of small sponsored booklet.

Apart from this he also talks about the recession and entrepreneurship. The youth who are in dilemma  to take a next move. He motivates and encourage them to take initiation for innovative concept like

He expalin them that getting 10 -6 job is not the only option for the graduates, even a small golgapppa wala who stands on the street can do big business with a very small investment . but this doesnt mean that everyone should go into the same industry. Here the meaning of our Golgapppa wala do not refer to the person who is actually selling our
Golgapppa on the street but the Team Golgapppa, who are maintaining website, Blogs and Social networking Portals

He is an Ideal Youth Icon.
He is positively charged Person, who always think Positive
and talk Productive.
He Motivate youngersters in the time of Global Recession.
He is funny with work, He is focused with business.
He has more energy with a serious business plans
He is a Local classified directory but he is not an Ali baba
He is a Visiting faculty at b schools but he is not a Dabba wala  will also help a housewife to start a business in a short while, to utilize her spare time. Not only this will supplement the income of the household but will also cause her morale to be higher. They will also be more in tune with the environment around them and this could even have a positive impact on the upbringing of their children.These house wives are the target associte for this business who can run the cooking classes,tiffin center and english classes as per their choice and time conviniency from the their house only.

In the same way this Product will help students who are pursuing Professional courses  also want to run their business and to earn with their studies.This will not only help them to earn but also to take step towards the Entrepreneurship.

The Primary business is basically run by Golgapppawala ie delivering golgapppa at kiosk and the Secondary business is Ecommerce and Online Marketing will be execute by Team at back office, which is the more strongeer way of revenue generation, currently we have 1000 page hits per day on our website and blogs we are running one kiosk, similarly we will have 10000 hits per day then will open 10 kiosk and thus the amount of revenue generation from secondary business would be higher. might be the only business which achieves BEP (Break Even Point) in very less time than any other businesses. Every venture try to get business from very first day but in reality,they  wont be able to get it but is the business model who can earn well in a single day ,if they stand at a good location, abd really delivery delicious golgapppa at competitive price.

How did the idea iginate? What was the inspiration behind it?

[1] From dabbaWala
[2] From 3 idiots
[3] From Mr Anna Hazare
We have been running a Demo unit sine last 7 days to see responce and understand grass root day to day problems. So far responce is amazing.

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One of the Best Aviation CEO in Asia
Capt Shekhar Gupta [ Pilot, MAOPA [USA] Member ]

Best HR Manager in Asia :
Er Reema Chordiya [ BE (CS) MBA (HR)]

DBA : Mr Vinay Porwal [ MBA Aviation ]
Station Manager Kingfisher Airlines Ltd.

Best  Manager Operations in Asia :
Er Anubha Barod [ B.E. MBA [ E Comm]

Best Manager Marketing in Asia  :
Ankita Mishra [ B Sc (CS) MBA (Mktg)]

Best Aviation Software Engineer Cum Aviation Blogger in Asia:
Ruchika Mandore [ BCA ]

Er Yashi Shrivastava [ BE Food Tech ]

Best Golgapppa Maker in Asia
Nandini Khandelwal

Best Golgapppa Wala  in Asia

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