Friday 24 August 2012

Why do Americans hate Indians and Asians ?

Why TCS and Infosys Employees do Cheatings

I am clearing more about answers given by fodaddy,ericsmith,bobo,kevinfla etc.
1) first of all i don't believe in sh!t caste system of india yeah i am indian but this system sucks!!!
2)yeah some indians are also racy but i am clear in my mind that i believe all humans equally
3)yeah i also know cos. like wipro,tcs,infosys are cheating americans and i will support any rule changing this situation from the bottom of my heart

4)I know there are many h1b,l1,green card frauds but i want to go on a right way (follwing all rules like education,character etc )

5)I sincerely accept many ( or most of them ) americans are better than many h1b or l1 for it job and i also oppose those h1bs (mainly indians) but what about those who are better (i am not saying i am better but atleast i can try once )

6)some indians are better for example in making xp,vista and w7 30% staff was indian.If u doubt then u can call microsoft us office and enquire about it and yes i work for microsoft india

7)bobo says most indians have 7 grade education but there are some with exceptional qualities ( i personally hodl a master degree with 2 yr working exp.)

8) indians in us hate other indians staying in us.This is general opinion for all indians in us.(some exceptions are there )

8)let me clear we are not invading us but want to live peacefully with equality,leaving behing all f@#king indian customs and gracefully accepting american culture.

yeah i know it's recession so most americans will hate me if i come to us on h1b/eb2 this i am saying that i would like to come on h1b/eb2 after 3-4 yrs i hope recession will be over and jobs will be

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