Wednesday 22 August 2012

What is Body Shopping ?


Tax authorities questioning WIPRO for Body shopping in the guise of Software Exports is really surprising.

When a recognised and authorised Recruiting Form/Company sends people of different positions and occupations abroad against visas obtained from their different professions, and the responsibility of the Recruitment Organisation ends once the people leave India for employment and join the respective organisation abroad and they get their fees from their Principals. Since the people go on the emigrant -employment visas issued by different Principals in the name of the particular employee, these people are not bound to have any rapport with the Recruitment Agencies who facilitate their trip abroad and they return on their own when their contract with their employers end. .Keeping the loophole in mind there are quite some people who defraud the gullible people under the pretext of offering overseas job and this type of jobs come under the purview of Protector of Emigrants..

Where as in Software exports, when a Customer wants a software programme solution, to understand and develop the software programmes and provide them with a suitable and right software solution, it is necessary to personally interact with the clients and their requirements and study their working and Business environment..This is purely based on professional skill and can not be reduced into writing and made in a physical form,in this age where phishing and piracy is in in vogue and the Authorities are unable to lay their hands upon the criminals. These professionals go abroad as a representative of the Software Provider and return as and when the assignment is over and are back on their seat with their Parent Software Organisation.

Probably they authorities have not mulled about the difference in the two types of assignment and The act of the authorities will certainly undo all the efforts our Late Prime Minister Mr.Rajiv Gandhi to bring our Nation in the forefront against the world in the field of Electronics and Software, and as a result of which , the Industry is earning in billions. It appears the Authorities have decided to kill the industry in toto and render millions of Software professionals on the road to face mass unemployment .

Whenever after elections the New Ministry is formed or an occasion arises, our President,Prime Minister, Ministers and other Beaurocrates leave India on a Foreign Trip on a Good will visit or to study about any project or any meetings. If the auithorities interpretations are to be looks like that these over zealous Authorities may hold even the President and Prime Minister of India for Body Shoping.

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