Tuesday 28 August 2012

Desi beats in Dubai

Desi' (the term that Indians use for each other overseas). Dubai definitely has its fair share of desi population, and the number is surprisingly large.
As our groups of friends mingled and got talking, I took a moment to put things in perspective. I had been in Dubai for over 4 months, my longest stay out of India ever. Yet the most carefree and candid conversations I had ever had were with 'desis' overseas. When we are outside India, we are more accepting of people and their fallacies. But when we are in India, we become judgemental and look at people as Marathis, Assamese, Biharis, Hindu, Muslim and so on and so forth. We are even ready to kill each other over such differences.

The word 'desi' is endearing for it breaks our regional boundaries and gives us one unifying identity. I feel that we are much more of a desi when outside India than when in it. In all my life I had never celebrated Independence Day with as much energy and ardour as I did this year! There is a beautiful bond between all Indian families here, oblivious to any differences. It's so beautiful that it makes me wish for the hundredth time that this was happening in India and not in a foreign land.

Maybe the unifying force we need is that of a neutral government, one that will keep the various entities in check. My friends and I miss India a lot. But then we wonder what would we go back to - communal riots, sexual assaults on women, scams and forgery? Is it worth it? Every 'desi' abroad mulls over this question.

Almost on cue, the DJ played a Punjabi number (yes in Dubai too!). And all the 'desis' in the house were on their feet in no time, just like that.


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