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This story is about my friend Capt. Somesh

 Capt. Somesh
I met him for the first time in the beautiful place popularly known as pink city- Jaipur.
Still can visualise that day, I was glued to window of the bus until arrival of this City where every nook and corner was depicting a cultural heritage. With the mixed feelings of excitement and fear, my hands knocked the door of the house, whose address was provided to me by my friend Neeraj. This is the place where Neeraj and his other colleagues dwell, I thought.

Suddenly a young boy opened the door for me.
I was welcomed in by warm smile of his. On enquiring about Neeraj
I learned that he along with others have already left for Rajasthan flying club. The boy offered me water, followed by Jaljira and then food. While talking with him I got to know that this bungalow belongs to his father, who is general manager with B.S.N.L. He has two sibling a sister and brother he being the eldest. They have given one portion of their house on rent more of as a paying guest to trainee pilots as their house is close to Jaipur Airport.
While talking with  Somesh I lost the track of the time. The boy was extremely energetic, humble and enthuastic.
In evening, Neeraj and other friends came back from the flying club and I joined them in my new room. Soon my flying training got started. With time my bonding with Capt. Somesh also got stronger.
He had always been helpful to us. Whenever we came back after night flying he use to come to pick us up from the Airport. He even at times dropped us by his vehicle in case we get late for our flights.
All festivals were celebrated together. We became more like a family.
Capt. Somesh use to roam with us, we use to have cigarettes and beers in the parties, where Capt. Somesh never use to participate rather he
Displayed  us all in his computer one day ,a slide show with the images of people having deadly diseases in their mouth, throat and all over. They were people from all age group. Photos were scary as if wounds displayed in their faces have decayed and made us read the displayed information of each patient where it was mention that among them mostly died later.
That night we couldn’t sleep. To everyone’s surprise I along with few of our friends quit smoking forever. Till this day I m thankful to him for that eye opening act.
That way he made a strong influence on all of us, even though being younger to us, he was a living mentor for all.
Seeing his determination and commitment towards work and the spirit to follow what’s right, I suggested him while interacting one day as “Capt. Somesh, Why Don’t u too like us become a pilot after your studies.”
He said, “I would love to be one, but then I wonder whether it will be a correct decision, as the course is too expensive and it might take along all the hard earned money of my father.”
Little astonished by the reaction, I said –“Is this really  Somesh speaking, who have never considered any task at hand evendifficult let alone impossible. He said “no, I   am not scared”, it was just the money I am little concerned about.
I explained him “  Somesh , life is all about taking risk! Until you do not try new things, explore the unknown you will not be able to grow .That is a challenge
So you must give it try and then devote your full self in it. And I know for the boy like you, who never accept anything wrong but hard work, it is a great option; build the Aviators spirit in you, to excel always”.
He thought over and decided to take his career above the sky, and to fly the amazing machine he has spent his childhood watching.
Thus after finishing his school he too got enrolled in  the Rajasthan Flying Club as a trainee .His ride of training was not very smooth , flying went slow due to lack of planes and later then trainers were not available. He struggled for years to achieve his Commercial Pilot License. Even after his father being retired as a chief with B.S.N.L, which reflects a powerful position, he never used his father’s position and influence and went on struggling to achieve the CPL.
As every night is followed by sunshine, there came the auspicious day and he got his Commercial Pilot License issued. By that time I got in the Air India and was flying for them.
When he applied, Air India didn’t have any vacancies, so he got into nothing but vein. He kept on studying and kept himself current, after waiting for long, there was want for flying choppers of the C.M of the Rajasthan.
He applied, and did well in the interview but didn’t get in, later he was asked if he can pay, he will get the chance. Very furious by the offer, he straight away said No, and came back.
However in a flight for official meeting the plane along with C.M got crashed one day, due to bad weather and high thunderstorm condition and everybody on board died.
In this situation of dilemma, new C.M was selected and government urgently required a Pilot in order to fly the new C.M.
This way, he was called back by the company and he got a job, as a co-pilot to fly the plane of C.M of the state.
Very soon he went on becoming the captain.
And was quite popular cause of his excellent landing and other flying skills in the company.
One day while Capt. Somesh was attending a family function, he got a call and was asked to come for a flight at night. He rushed to reach the Airport and so did his co-pilot.
They had to take the flight to Udaipur. They landed at Udaipur and C.M left the Airport. That time Airport was completely vacant and shops were closed, so these pilots remained in at the Airport waiting for the C.M to return so they may take him back.
As I was on the Udaipur itself that time, Capt. Somesh called me at the Airport, I reached there, we chatted for hours, as they both were quiet hungry I brought along food, and they had it, we waited there for C.M for long but around 01:00 am I had to leave cause of my flight that day, they both kept on waiting, being on duty hours they kept their calm and simply waited. After two more hours C.M came back. Capt. Somesh lost his temper once he got to know that they were waiting for hours as C.M brought the plane especially to Udaipur in order he can watch a movie in ....mall!!!
 He was very upset, seeing the waste of government funds done by the ministers and waste of his skills, next morning he resigned the job.
I and everyone tried to explain him the importance of the job but fell on deaf ears. I was little worried for my friend.
I came to meet him and asked him that what will he do now?
Capt. Somesh said “I will open my own travel agency and help people reaching their destinations.
 I found the idea very absurd. Quiet shocked I said “Are you kidding me? Starting your travel agency! That’s a big investment and huge risk.”
Capt. Somesh smiled and said –“I understand my friend, but now I have the aviator’s spirit in me! My flying experience has taught me to explore the unknown and take risk, now; I understood the words you spoke when you wanted me to enter in the world of aviation, it’s now that I know exactly what aviators spirit is, and it is already burning.”

“But where will you open the agency”? I asked.
In my house itself, I will start with one room; we use to give for rent.
As Capt. Somesh was so keen and enthuastic to start his business , I thought maybe once the agency starts he will realize that practically it’s not so easy and again come to fly.
  By that time I was promoted to international flights and life started running on fast pace. With Mumbai (that time Bombay) as my base , and having schedule to Mumbai-Frankfurt –Chicago flight circle I use to get only two days at home, I got busy with my life and unfortunately lost touch with Capt. Somesh , I did tried calling him at times , but due to change in his number I couldn’t be in contact.
I got busy with my profession and family but still I was keen to hear about Capt. Somesh , weather he joined C.M back or is he flying with Airlines , but I didn’t have any way to trace , other than his address. Still I use to imagine meeting him some day in uniform flying, though never found him that way.
Once due to technical problem in the plane in one of my flight we were diverted to Jaipur. Landing at Jaipur after years gave me a different feeling of joy and could recall my days when at the same Airport we use to land with instructors beside in our Cesena’s. Those bumpy landings, instructor’s shouting, waiting for flights, roaming in the city with buddies and Capt. Somesh. How beautiful were those days, I thought .My mind however got stuck with Capt. Somesh. Capt. Somesh, yes I can now find about his whereabouts our plane went under maintenance and we were schedule for next day morning flight. On our way to hotel I was watching from the window of the car, how significantly city has changed. After reaching the hotel where we were supposed to wait or rest till next flight, I got very active as I knew this is my chance to meet or to get information about Capt. Somesh.
I came out of the hotel, and called the first cab that came in my sight, hopped in, said the address and then waited, my god, my heart begin beating faster as I saw the same street where we roamed once, ohh, how excited I was to see my friend, will I find him, how will he react once he see me, what will I say once we meet, so many stories to share! My mind was full of such questions and I was growing more and more impatient.
 And my cab stopped in front of the bungalow. The house was not same as before, now it was way bigger than it once was, and its beauty was enhanced by a marvellous garden in front.
I entered in and knocked the door. It was Capt Bhanu, Capt. Somesh younger brother; he had grown taller and smarter too. He was visibly astonished and amazed to see me after years. I said-“Hey, Bhanu, how have you been? What are you doing these days? Nice to see you after this long.”
Bhanu too was delighted to meet me, he said-“wow, what a surprise, seeing you after years. I am a Commercial pilot now, and so is my sister. We are both flying for Jet Airways .”
“Ohh, that’s so wonderful to know. Den of aviators”-I chuckled.
“And Capt. Somesh”, I asked-where is he?
He said –“I will better take you to him rather than telling, he will be so happy to see you.”
“he is in the city itself, great!”-I said.
I joined him in his car and we were headed to Capt. Somesh. Finally I have got a chance to meet him. There I saw a jaw dropping sight. There was a huge board of “Somlly tours and travels pvt. Ltd”. Huge office he has got. “Man! He is actually into travel agency that too with such a huge office.”I asked –“Does this office belong to Capt. Somesh?”He smiled and nodded. That man has done it. From inside place was like some palace, mind blowing interior, I thought. Capt. Somesh saw me through his cabin and came out.He hugged me and said” ohh yaar, how are you?I am buttoned up man, can’t tell you how great it is to see you.”
I said “Seriously even I am speechless, let’s have a seat first”.
We both rested our selves, came back into senses, and I asked “how did you manage to grow such a vast empire. You started with just a room, and now as Bhanu told me on the way- that you earn more than their both income together. You are a multimillionAire now. Where’s the magic stick, such a establish business, how did you managed?”
Capt. Somesh smiled and said-“That night waiting for the minister made me realised that I was wasting my abilities for those illiterate   ministers, who just know to loot the countries money and fill their bag. The incident brought a fire in me and kept me going.
When I started the agency I had no experience of the field but I had something unique, which kept the fire on.”
I asked “What was that?”
He said “Aviator’s spirit and thus I never lost hope”.
I felt so happy and proud of my friend.
“So what’s the next target Mr.  Aviator”?
He said-“Now, I desire to provide my service in every possible place in the world. Where ever any one can point in the world map, I should be able to land my service.
“Certainly you will Captain ”-I said.

Be an Aviator Not a Pilot

Shekhar Gupta
Capt Ankisha Awasthi

» Synopsis

Be an Aviator Not a Pilot is a story of Pilots in Aviation who are unable to cope.

This is not a book to teach you how to get into an Aviation School or even how to live like a Pilot. In fact, it describes how one can become a Successfull Aviator not just an Airplane Driver [ So called Pilot ] with very small changes in life.

Also Why abroad trained Pilots are better Aviator and Why FAA, CASA, CAAP, CAA are better civil Aviation Authority then DGCA.

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Saturday 22 October 2011

Good Morning Ladies & Gentleman

I have been planning to write this Blog for quite some time, but each time some or the other reason kept me from flying into this part of the world. 

So now here I am .

I am a Professional Pilot with more then 8  years experience of Flying on different types of Air crafts in different countries with accident free flying record. I started my flying career from Skycabs    [ Colombo ] and worked for many Airlines Training Companies from different parts of the world. We trained more then 350 Pilots who are now flying world wide. I am a member of the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association [ USA], Royal Society of Aeronautics [ UK], Delhi Flying Club, Aeronautical Society of India, MP Flying Club Indore, Aeronautical Research Society.I am a frequent flyer on AA, Air India, Air Canada, British Airways, Cathey Pacific, DeltaAirlines, Emerites, Ethihad, Jet Airways, Kingfisher and many more.

My most recent passion is Air Aviator a new proposed virtual  Air Charter Services andAviation SEO for which I personally conduct classes/ lecture series for IIT & IIM students in India and others abroad.  Also We are updating Aviation NEWS blogs.

I  came back from Canada and London on an Invitation of Govt  of Canada for Mission To Canada.

I am so Thankfull to Mr Vittal of Govt of Canada and Mr  Wayne Gouveia VP of the  Air Transport Association Of Canada  (ATAC)  without whom's lot of help and Guidance  the Mission would not be possible. 

Now something on my personal front:

I like to travel, collect coins and stamps and explore new avenues and possibilities and turn them to my advantage. For me my friends are my biggest assets.

I have a small Farm House [ Asiatic AgroTech Research Center ]
at Gram Gunawad, Dist Dhar Madhya Pradesh India where We grow medicinal plants and herbs. We are also into organic farming (which apparently is the latest fad) of wheat and soyabeans.

I love challenging jobs, that no Pilot would venture into, Flying an Aircraft on a scheduled route daily is just not my cup of tea. Nor can I just sit and make a software for flight simulator like all other software companies make.

I am an explorer by nature and I know it comes with a price but for which I am always willing to pay. I do not fear the unknown but believe riding high on it. 

My upcoming Books

After a little success of AeroSoft as India's Best Aviation SEO services, [ As per Altavista, Bing, Hotbot, Google & Yahoo search engines ] With lot of encouragement from my friends and philosophers I have finally made up my mind to write following books with a deadline.

[1] Be an Aviator Not a Pilot

» Synopsis

Be an Aviator Not a Pilot is a story of Pilots in Aviation who are unable to cope.
This is not a book to teach you how to get into an Aviation School or even how
to live like a Pilot. In fact, it describes how one can become a Successfull Aviator
not just an Airplane Driver [ So called Pilot ] with very small changes in life.

[2] Mistakes only New CEO can Afford

» Synopsis

Some Hidden Mistakes New CEOs Make, How To Unlock the Secrets That Drive
Growth and Profitability in day to day corporate culture. Also how can one take advantage
of recession better. How to improve productivity with low cost, No frill, recession proof
work culture.

But ...

Always remember Takeoff is optional Landing is compulsory 

Happy Landings........

Capt. Shekhar Gupta
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Career Guidance for International Pilot Training

Capt Shekhar Gupta

Career Guidance for International Pilot [ CPL CFI ATPL Holders]

Dear Fellow Pilot,

Before you take decision to become an International AirlinesPilot you
must read following dos and don't for Pilots.

We have included this section to help and explain the opportunities available to those Trainees who continue to work towards the professional Pilot License level, and there after how to get about with their "way forward" plans. I've also thought it prudent to include some of the many pitfalls or setbacks that await the financially unwary in what is otherwise a very honorable profession. Every country has its own civil Aviation Department who manages Aviation activities. You must make sure here we are talking about only civil Aviation industry
Not defence flying. If you are planning to become a fighter Pilot, Sorry I also can't help you much.

Why should you become a Professional Pilot ?
- Passion
- Glamour
- Reputation
- Career

Before you begin
Before you embark, it is most important that you get a assessment from your country's "Civil Aviation Dept;" about the recognition of the license you are hoping to get, Is the License fully recognized by your civil aviation when you return back home., ..? Also read CAR [ Civil Aviation requirment ] throughly.

Know your Certificates :

About the Airline training industry

Aviation worldwide is a recurring market and the industry is affected predominantly by economics, politics and some part of the globe with acute terrorism..ect. 9/11 had a negative impact on the airline industry, while in other regions tourism sustained and some picked up and all the local airlines and charter companies fared rather well...Outside an Airline

Not all pilots choose an airline career. There are many other specialties just as rewarding. Other areas available are crop spraying, although I don't recommend it if you intend going the airline route. Airlines prefer hiring pilots with multi-crew, multi-engine experience from structured environments. Nevertheless – it is well paid but obviously seasonal. Some crop sprayers alternate their work between northern and southern hemispheres to work all year long. Possession of a "instructor rating" will always assist you in gaining hours without any
cost on flying, this also help you to maintain your licensecurrency at all times... Contrary to popular belief, not everyone has the ability to become aprofessional pilot. In fact, some people shouldn't fly at all! Not because they can't fly well - but because they can't think well! Cocky, over-confident, egocentric pilots are not desirable and tend to be short lived in this job. The saying "there are old pilots and bold pilots – but no old bold pilots" is true. With the responsibilities and consequences involved, you...
One small tip – guard your reputation well! Airlines do their homework meticulously. Internationally this is a close knit community and if you have a reputation as a heavy drinking Casanova or a flamboyant show-off, you can rest assured the selection board will know about it before you arrive for the interview. Better have some answers ready!


Obviously this is a difficult subject to generalise on as salaries vary extensively around the world. Crop spraying is renowned as being a well paid job but this will be cyclically dependant on the season and whether you are prepared to work in outlying areas and switch hemispheres as...

I hope my advice goes some way in helping you make a decision about your future. Obviously all the aspects cannot be covered in such a short section so if there's any further advice you need please feel free to contact myself. I would try my best to help you in your career path as Professional Pilot. 

Last but not least... Always remember Take off is optional but landings is compulsory..

Happy Landings........

Capt Shekhar Gupta
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