Friday 21 September 2012

Recession reshuffled Sedgwick County's employment sectors, census data show

Americans' net worth approaches pre-recession levels thanks to housing market ...
San Jose Mercury News
WASHINGTON -- A jump in the stock market and rising home prices are bringing many Americans closer to regaining the wealth they lost in the recession. U.S. household net worth dipped in the April-June quarter, according to a Federal Reserve report ...
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Eurozone in deepening recession, survey finds
The Seattle Times
Eurozone in deepening recession, survey finds. Europe appears headed for a deepening economicrecession despite a recent easing in market concerns over the three-year debt crisis, a closely-watched survey found Thursday. By PAN PYLAS. Associated ...
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Italy Boosts Deficit Forecast as Recession Worse Than Expected
Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti's government increased its budget-deficit forecast after underestimating the severity of the recession. Government spending will probably exceed revenue by 2.6 percent of gross domestic product this year, Monti's ...
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Recession reshuffled Sedgwick County's employment sectors, census data show (blog)
We compared some of Sedgwick County's economic stats to the pre-recession data from 2007. The comparison reveals a substantial shift in the county's dominant employment sectors. The sectors of manufacturing and education/health care/social services ...
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The Coming 'Obama Recession' Of 2013
After campaigning hard for his new soak-the-rich tax increases, President Obama—er, I mean President Franklin D. Roosevelt—won reelection in 1936. A solid Democratic Congress dutifully passed the tax hikes, which quickly led to what's known as the ...
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Irish Economy Skirts Recession
Wall Street Journal
DUBLIN—The Irish economy avoided slipping into recession by the narrowest possible margin in the second quarter, but shrinking domestic demand canceled out a rise in exports, raising new questions about whether the country can meet its budget targets ...
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National recession may be catching up with Louisiana, census figures indicate
Baton Rouge -- Louisiana was belatedly suffering the effects of the national stagnant economy last year, even as the country as a whole was apparently leveling out after facing the worst of the economic downturn, according to U.S. Census Bureau figures ...
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Should Japan be Worrying More About a Deep Chinese Recession than Conflict ...
The author is speaking about the risk to many of Japan's large manufacturers and exporters (and their shareholders) of a severe, prolonged, structural recession in China. The article provides a list of companies with heavy sales reliance on China. For ...
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Hamleys Sale Spotlights Recession-Proof Sector
Sacramento Bee
Although the rise of Toys R Us and video games have posed serious threats to traditional toy shops, the sector is widely seen as comparatively recession-proof. The 2008 financial crash sparked a resurgence in demand for traditional toys, which parents ...
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