Monday 10 September 2012

Lufthansa und Ufo wollen zurück an den Verhandlungstisch

Lufthansa flight attendants launch 24-hour strike
The Associated Press
The flight attendants, represented by the UFO union, walked off the job at midnight Thursday in a 24-hour strike that analysts say could cost Lufthansa some €7 million ($8.7 million). The airline's fight with the union comes as it struggles to fend off ...
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Lufthansa und Ufo wollen zurück an den Verhandlungstisch
Wall Street Journal Deutschland
Noch vor Beginn der erneuten Arbeitsniederlegungen ging die Gewerkschaft Ufo auf den Vorstand der Fluggesellschaft zu und bot Verhandlungen an. Nun suchen die Kontrahenten nach konkreten Terminen. Ufo setzt dabei auf die Hilfe eines Schlichters.
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'UFO' lights up over Perth skies
Herald Sun
This most recent find may be of interest to teenage UFO hunter Dylan Sakiri. Sakiri, 18, spends much of his free time staring up at the night sky, looking to uncover the truth. He reckons he may have proof of extraterrestrial life after capturing a ...
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Russian rafters accidentally catch UFO on video
Another "accidental" UFO sighting was caught on video, this time over an unidentified seaside area in Russia, by rafters enjoying a day out on the ocean. The video, posted to YouTube, shows a group of rafting enthusiasts pulling up their inflatables to ...
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Pine Bush UFO Festival Shaken, Stirred and To Expand!
Shawangunk Journal
PINE BUSH – After two successful UFO parades, the Pine Bush UFO Festival has reached that point that many young festivals reach — where the goals and energy of the original organizers run up against new demands and ideas for change. The result for ...
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Cloaked UFO Caught Hiding in Moscow Cloud Formation
A disc-shaped UFO using a cloaking technique, may have been captured on film lurking in clouds in the skies above Moscow, Russia this week. This footage from Wednesday is pretty remarkable. A Russian man filmed the frightening sight from three ...
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Baltic UFO has Nazi origin?
The news about the alleged discovery of the UFO was unveiled to the world by Swedish researchers Peter Lindberg and Dennis Asberg. Last summer, the two men were searching for Swedish merchant ships that had been sunk by Nazis during World War II.
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Britain sets decision date for US extradition of 'UFO hacker' McKinnon
Infosecurity Magazine
The fate of self-confessed 'UFO hacker' Gary McKinnon – who has been on the cusp of being extradited to the US to face charges in connection with unauthorized access to US military networks – will be decided within a matter of weeks, rather than months.
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Robbie Williams Buying California Island So He Can Watch for UFOs
Williams first visited White Rock Island last year and found it to be a perfect location forUFO watching, since there is minimal light pollution and a clear view of the night sky. So if you looking for UFOs is your bag, which clearly is in Williams ...
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Tracie Austin on 'Alien Encounters in the Western United States'
Not just the fact that we're having multiple sightings of UFOs, but more from the point of an interaction with the beings themselves. Statistics suggest that 4 million people have had personal encounters in the United States alone (from just the ones ...
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