Wednesday 12 September 2012

Canada India Project

Our aim is to help only 1000 Student Pilots in next 3 year for Pilot Training in one of the best Air Transport Association of Canada [ ATAC ] member Flight Training School to trained them.
International student numbers in Canada have more than doubled to 178,000 since 1998. Canadian immigration also says that this resulted in employment for over 83,000 Canadians last year.
Every year more then 6000 Indian students studying pilot training in abroad
Our aim is to help only 1000 Student Pilots in next 3 year for Pilot Training in one of the best Air Transport Association of Canada [ ATAC ] member Flight Training School to trained them. Canadian Aviation qualifications are internationally recognized Excellent services set-up specifically to help international student Pilots.
As we believe that for

Pessimistic its Aviation recession
and for
Optimistic it is an Opportunity.
Our Vision :

Future visits will cover:

Programs: Our programs and their length
Competitive costs: How Canadian prices are less expensive than European, American and Australian prices
Training that meets DGCA requirements: How our knowledge and experience assures you of training programs that meet DGCA requirements
Help with converting your licence: Information and resources we have to prepare you for licence conversion on return home
How you can work in Canada: Training as a Flight Instructor gives you an opportunity to acquire flight experience before you return home
Other ways to enhance your competitiveness: Learn about our Jet Transition Programs, and how we can even arrange Type Rating training for you
Safety record: How our internationally respected safety standards keep you safe while you train
Training standards: How our internationally respected training standards assure you of the best quality of training
Airspace: Our vast amount of available training airspace and modern Air Traffic Control systems
Student Visas: The help and advice you need to maximize your chances of obtaining a student visa to study in Canada
Help with arrival: How we smooth your arrival by making sure you are met at the airport
Accommodations: we'll help you select the right accommodation for you on arrival

In 2009 Canada celebrated 100 years of powered flight, today we are atop the flight training world. Canada provides flight training and life experience that's second to none. Multicultural cities, an extensive flight training infrastructure and a vast geography highlight the long list of benefits found in Canada. We believe in our training, and we believe in training you. Starting from ab initio all the way up to multi crew and jet transition we've got it all. Cost effective training that can be found on our west coast, through out our prairie provinces and into the heart of our country. If you plan to become a professional pilot, come meet real Canadian flight school at one of our information sessions in either Delhi or Hyderabad.



"Decision to come to Canada to do my Commercial Pilot Licence is the best decision I have taken and joining Harv's Air only added to it. I got excellent exposure to all aspects of flying that helps one to become a better and a safer pilot. With the excellent flight standards set by Transport Canada, Harv's Air has made an excellent effort in implementing them successfully. I had a very good experience at Harv's Air Service in Steinbach, Manitoba. Helpful instructors, friendly and encouraging training atmosphere added to my learning. Because of a strong base set by Harv's Air, it helped me a lot to successfully pursue my airline career." He now flies an A330 for Jet Airways


"It was early 2005 when I was doing my PPL in Hyderabad India. Due to a shortage of instructors and aircrafts, I started to look around for other options. That's when my friend Sandeep Cariappa who had just come back from Harv's Air in Canada suggested that I should go to Canada. I was in contact with Adam Penner for the letter for my Visa and he was very prompt. I had my Canadian Visa in no time! My first thought as I got to Harv's Air was "what I saw on the site was 100% correct". Harv's Air is like your home away from home. My first flight in the C-152 was awesome. Flying in Canada was just amazing. I took the area map and went to almost all the little airfields around. Harv's Air has a great way to book in your favorite aircraft online. The aircraft were always kept in great shape and I never had any problem for the 145 hrs I flew there. I would rate the Canadian CPL as one of the most respected in the world. Transport Canada were very good. Exams were on the computer and very practical. In terms of cost, it actually may work out the same or cheaper than India. I have recommended Harv's Air to many of my friends and a lot of us are flying for Jet Airways India on the Boeing 737NG's and the ATR 72-500's. Our experience with Harv's Air was just a dream and I would not mind doing the CPL all over again just to fly with Harv's Air".
Learn all about the ATAC Flight Schools participating in Career Pilot Training Canada.

Last but not least… Always remember Take off is optional but landings is compulsory..
Happy Landings……..
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During the Global Aviation Recession period we aim at making our aviation KPO services no frill , low  cost and win-win for every one. Even in the period of lot of recession the real performer always survives and win.
Its a right time to

Stop Dreaming  ……

…     Start Flying

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