Wednesday 3 October 2012

North Carolina teens discover UFOs appear on Thursday nights

Courtesy Of Google Maps, UFOs Invade Earth
Huffington Post
Pictured is a quad copter -- a deliberately manufactured UFO created by special effects wizard Marc Dantonio for a National Geographic special, "The Truth Behind: UFOs," which aired in December 2011. On the left is what the small device looks like ...
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UFO case solved in Cincinnati (blog)
For a few days, the strange case of the Cincinnati Lights intrigued UFO fans, but it looks as if the person who took the original video has come up with the likeliest answer: The spooky lights floating through the sky are best explained as skydivers ...
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North Carolina teens discover UFOs appear on Thursday nights
Two North Carolina teenagers at Nakina report watching a series of "red glowing lights" that hovered near the tree top level and seem to appear regularly on Thursday nights about 9 p.m., according to October 1, 2012, testimony from the Mutual UFO ...
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National UFO Alert: 363 Sightings in Ten States During September
September was a busy month for UFO sightings in the US. Ten states have reported 363 sightings in just those 30 days. There is so much concern over the number of reports that the National Unidentified Alert Rating System was updated on October 1, 2012.
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GUEST: Cylindrical UFO seen over Christian County
Christian County Headliner News
The Ozarks regularly produce quality UFO sightings and the rolling hills and friendly communities of Christian County are certainly no exception. In the early 1990s a spectacular wave of reports swept over the area. The entire region was a hotbed of ...
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UFO alien or camera lens flare?
The Cherokeean Herald
UFO alien or camera lens flare? Google Maps causes national stir with unusual image above The Landmark in Jacksonville. Jacksonville is known for its tomatoes, the famous Tomato Bowl and luminaries such as Margo Martindale, Neal McCoy, Micah ...
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Shutterbugs rush to capture giant halo and 'UFO'
The Star Online
PETALING JAYA: Two phenomena involving the sun had Klang Valley and Johor folk snapping away to capture the moment. The strange sight of a halo circling the sun became a talking point here as many were seen using their handphones to capture the ...
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Jumpster Cheats And Tips
Business Insider
A meteorite smashes into a tiny UFO, causing a fuel leak. The little alien inside crash-lands on a strange planet, and with the help of the player, collects the missing fuel in the hope of returning home. Therein lies the premise of Jumpster, a free-to ...
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XCOM: Enemy Unknown preview
Video Game Writers
We were investigating a UFO landing out in the backwoods of China. I was in command and thought I had the perfect plan. They usually come together. This time it didn't and it cost me a man. We cleared the bastards out and it was just one lone Sectoid ...
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