Wednesday 3 October 2012

Nitesh Raj Singh Parihar,

Love is not only made for lovers, It is also for Friends who love each other better than lovers.
Nitesh Raj Singh Parihar, voted the Best Successful Businessman of the Year 2012, was all over the news channels giving interviews and telling about his success mantras. It was 17:00 in Vancouver, British, Colombia, Canada. Swati, sipping coffee, sitting on the couch in her living room was surfing channels on television. Suddenly she stops at one of the news channels.

Interviewer: “Here I am sitting next to the man from a small village near Indore, Depalpur to the               Asia’s Best Successful Businessman of the year. The personality needs no further introduction.

Hello sir! And welcome to our show!”

Nitesh Singh: “Thank You very much for inviting me.”

Interviewer: “So Mr. Nitesh, how does it feel after receiving such a prestigious 

Nitesh Singh: “Well, obviously it feels great to be awarded the best successful entrepreneur all over Asia. I am in one of the best phases of my professional life. At such an early stage of my career, I could not have asked for more. I assure my employees, my customers, shareholders and everyone associated with my company that with their support and hard work I will continue to perform my best and hope soon will become the best not only in Asia but also in whole world.”
Interviewer: “That was so optimistic view! All right sir, tell us something about your entire journey to success.”

Nitesh Singh: “The journey has not been easy for me. Like any other person, there have been many ups and downs in my life too! And I am thankful to my wife who always stood by me in worst to worst situations. I love her! She is the best! And also I have one more good reason to celebrate, my wife is expecting for the second time!” Nitesh’s face was glowing with joy and excitement.
Interviewer: “Ohh many-many Congratulations to you!!!”
 Nitesh Singh: “Thank you so much!”

Interviewer: “Well, this means your wife has been a lucky charm for you!”

Nitesh Singh: “Well it is rightly said that ‘behind every successful man, there is a woman’, and in my case there are 2 women! One of course my wife and another is my Shona!”  (there comes  a smile on Nitesh’s face).

Suddenly a tear rolls down from Swati’s right eye.

Interviewer (surprised and curious): “Shona??? Who is she??”

Nitesh Singh: “Yes Shona! My best friend, my guide, my inspiration! Swati is her real name.”

And the flow of tears increased from Swati’s eyes.

“I am here because of her. She always tried to make me understand small things whether it was related to my studies or family. We were in same class in one of the best B schools in India and best of friends. Unfortunately I have lost contact with her. I don’t know where she is.”

Interviewer: “That was so touchy. We wish you all the very best for your future and hope you get back in contact with your ‘Shona’ soon! Thank You very much for being with us!

This was the self narrated story of Nitesh Raj Singh Parihar, coming exclusively to you from our studios. We will be back after 5 minutes break, keep watching ABC news!”

And Swati switched off the television. Lots of thoughts, feelings and emotions which were hidden inside her for years were coming out in form of tears. Past 10 minutes were enough to push her back in the old memories, when she was just 23 and was doing her Post Graduation along with her best friend Nitesh.

Swati, 28, married to a businessman with 2 children, now living in Vancouver, originally from Indore,  is a very decent girl from a traditional Agarwal family, who respects every relationship, loves her parents and her family. She is a very loyal and trustworthy friend. A very helpful and caring girl.

Nitesh was never sincere about his career, as he was from a well off family and did pretty well in academics too. Nitesh got married 6 months before he joined B school for Post Graduation and was a hard core flirt. He was very handsome and he could managed more than one extra marital affaire at a time.

Nitesh and Swati got along very well. They discussed each and every thing with each other. They were indeed true friends. They spent 2 years with each other sharing every sorrow and happiness together. Their bond was very special. There was one thing that Swati always disliked about Nitesh, his habbit to flirt with girls, as he was married. She tried to make him understand many times but he never used to listen to her seriously.

Last day of the college was approaching, final exams were going. Unlike in every exam this time Swati did not help Nitesh in studies and was ignoring him , his calls and texts.

It was 1 o’ clock in the morning, Swati was studying for the exam to be held the next day. Suddenly, her phone rings, “Nitesh calling…” She got distracted. After 3-4 rings, she finally picked up the phone in agitation.

Swati: “Hello”

Nitesh: “Hi Swati, how are you?”

Swati: “All well”

Nitesh: “What you doing?”

Swati: “Was studying”

Nitesh: “Is everything all right with you?”

Swati: “Yes”

Nitesh: “Then why are you not talking to me properly since few days?”

Swati: “You want me to answer honestly?”

Nitesh: “Yes, go ahead”

Swati: “Ok fine, I will answer you honestly, but before that I will ask you something and you too answer me honestly. Is that ok?”

Nitesh: “Yaa sure! You know Swati, I have never ever lied to you”

Swati: “What is cooking between you and Priya?” (another class mate)

Nitesh: “Well, hey! What has happened to you! Whatever is there between me and 
Priya, let it be, its not affecting our friendship, then why are you bothered?”

Swati: “I cannot believe it is you, who is talking this way! You are a married guy and having an extra marital affaire! You are ditching your wife! For heaven’s sake have some shame!”

Nitesh: “Hey, please, you know very well  that my marriage was all against my wish. I married under my parents’ pressure. I don’t like my wife, she is just an ordinary girl from a village and only college pass out with B.A degree in English Literature. It is a complete mismatch for me!”

Swati (started crying): “I trusted you and thought you will change one day, but you proved me wrong today. Thank you so much and this is the end of our friendship. I cannot support you and don’t want to be your friend anymore. Don’t try to contact me ever! Good Bye!”
And Swati disconnected the call. This was the last conversation between Nitesh and Swati.

Nitesh tried contacting Swati but she never responded and changed her mobile number. Nitesh then decided that he will never call or will never try to contact Swati again.

“A real friend is very hard to find, 
Difficult to leave 
Impossible to forget.”

            Although, Nitesh continued flirting with women, but somewhere he knew something is wrong. Memories of time spent with Swati, poked him at every stage of his life. Whether he accepts it or not, but he was definitely missing Swati. 

Gradually he stopped flirting with women and got serious about his career. Nitesh joined TCS as a System Administrator. Nitesh was very hard working, but due to heavy recession and downfall in global market, it was becoming hard for Nitesh to work and manage in less pay. As per a survey conducted by, Indian companies are one of the world’s 10 lowest paying employers in IT space.

             One day, Nitesh was very depressed because of his work. His energy, his input and his concentration towards his work were not being rewarded. It was 9 o’ clock in the evening, Renu, Nitesh’s wife was calling him for dinner.

            Renu: “Dinner is ready”

            Nitesh (tensed): “You eat and sleep, I ll eat later”
            Renu (with a worried tone): “What is the matter? I am watching you for so many days, what is bothering you so much?

           Nitesh: “Nothing, you have dinner and sleep”

           Renu (disappointed and looks into his wife, holds Nitesh’s hand and hugs him): “Till now, You never discussed anything with me, Am I that bad that you don’t even consider to share your problems with me? Forget about your joys, atleast share your sorrows with me, I am your wife after all”

            Nitesh’s eyes get filled with guilt. “I am sorry Renu.” And he hugs her back. Over the dinner, Nitesh told Renu everything about his professional mis happenings. Renu also got tensed after listening to Nitesh but at the same time was happy that finally Nitesh started talking and share things with her. She was very relieved.
            Renu: “Can I say something Nitesh?”
            Nitesh: “Of course!”
            Renu: “I have been thinking about this for long, why don’t you start your own business in Depalpur village and take care of dad’s capital of 500 acres land, in spite of getting demotivated at every step in such an adverse global recession?”
            Nitesh was taken by surprise. “That is a good idea!”, his eyes filled with some positive hope. “It is worth giving a thought!”

            After three months, Nitesh left his job and started working on his business. He decided to open a BPO. Renu supported him at every step. He started off quite well. Gradually, with his sharp mind and ability to anticipate risks, he proved successful at every twist and turn of the business. Renu equally helped him and managed the business. Nitesh became a famous businessman over the years.

            In such a busy life Nitesh never forgot Swati. He used to recall how Swati used to make him understand the value of his career and family relationships. Nitesh’s wife was beautiful at heart. Along with supporting Nitesh in his business, she also managed her relations with her in laws so well. She gave equal time to her family and work. Seeing this, Nitesh’s perspective towards his wife changed completely. He started to develop immense respect for her. He started expressing his feelings to his wife. He was in love with Renu. Their relationship started to blossom. After work, they loved spending time with eachother and used to go for long drives.

            One day after work, Nitesh and Renu decided to go for a nice candle light dinner, as it was so long that they did not go out for dinner because of tight working schedule. Renu wore a nice black Nalli saree with an off shoulder blouse for the dinner. “You look gorgeous!” Holding her from back, Nitesh whispered in her ears and kissed her neck and shoulders passionately. Renu got turned on. She turned back to him and held him around his neck, “Really?” she asked Nitesh with a seductive smile and kissed him near his lips. Nitesh holds her tight and pulls her towards him to kiss her. After kissing her for nearly a minute, Renu slightly pushes him back, “aren’t we going for dinner?” and gives a naughty smile. Nitesh smiles back “ohh!! I forgot!” and winks at her.

            Over the dinner, Nitesh kept holding Renu’s hand most of the times and kept on kissing her cheeks whenever he could. After dinner, they went on a long drive. It was an extremely romantic evening for Nitesh and Renu. They kissed in the car too.
            Days passed, everything was working fine. Swati was never out of Nitesh’s mind and heart as well. Nitesh was sitting in his cabin, thinking about her, suddenly, he recalled how she used to scold him for having affairs with different women. Nitesh started feeling guilty about it. He looked at the photo frame kept on his table, it was Renu’s photograph framed inside it. He felt ashamed. He decided to confess everything to her.
            Like any other day after coming back from work, Nitesh and Renu were having dinner together. Nitesh’s behavior seemed quite unusual to Renu. Renu understood that something was wrong. After having their dinner, Renu asked Nitesh to go for a drive.
            Nitesh: “Darling, can we go tomorrow?”
            Renu: “Please baby, I want to go for drive, its been more than three weeks we dint go and also I want to have a ice cream”
          Renu looking at Nitesh with begging eyes “please!!!!”
          Nitesh (smiled): “ok!”
            Nitesh was very tensed. It was 10:30 at night. They stopped at Baskin Robbins and took two chocolate ice creams. They were standing outside their car and were having ice cream. Renu knew something was wrong but dint say anything as she waited for Nitesh to say himself. As they both were done, Renu started getting inside the car. Somehow Nitesh gathered the strength.

           Nitesh: “Renu!!”

            Renu: “yes?”

           Nitesh: “I want to tell you something”

           Renu: “Yes Nitesh, go agead please”

           Nitesh: “I don’t know how you will react to this but I can’t live with this guilt an more!”

           Renu (giving a suspicious look and lowering her voice): “say Nitesh”

            Nitesh: : “I am sorry”
           Renu looked in Nitesh’s eyes as if she knew what he was going to say.

                    “ I am not a good husband, you know after our marriage also, I used to flirt with women and had extra marital affairs too.”
           Renu was quite for few minutes. Suddenly she broke her silence “I knew this before.” Nitesh was stunned. “ I knew everything. One day, you were in bathroom and I thought of going through the inbox of your messages. I read each and every conversation of yours with all the women. It was really very heartbreaking, I could not sleep for nights. I do not blame you, I blame myself. I am a woman from a small village, I nowhere stand in front of you in any context” and Renu burst in to tears.
           Nitesh was adversely crestfallen. He got so ashamed of himself. He held Renu tightly and wiped her tears. He kissed her forehead. “ I am so sorry dear, I feel so dejected. You are an anegel. It is because of you, I am what I am today. If you were not with me, I would never ever thought of such a big idea and would never been so successful in life! Stop demotivating and blaming yourself” and Nitesh hugged her as tightly as he could.

           Nothing is more beautiful than a real smile that has struggled through tears. Unplanned moments are indeed always better than the planned ones. It was a moment of emotions. There are some moments in life when all a person needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand the true feelings.

By Capt Shekhar Gupta
              Maani Sharma [ MBA Aviation ]
» Synopsis
College Campus and Placements is a story of Students of B grade and C grade B School and Engineering Colleges, Management Gurus and HR Managers of many Colleges who are unable to cope due to Global Recession.    This is not a book to teach you how to get a decent well paid Job to live like a Professionals. In fact, it describes how one can become a Successfull Professional even in the time of Global recession with very small changes in life. Also Why abroad trained Students are better Professionals.
Story 1
Story 2

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