Thursday 1 November 2012

Captain Russell Hazelton, crashed into Creve Coeur Lake in a Piper PA-28 Cherokee from Ohio to Creve Coeur Airport with Wife Suzanne Hazelton died

Woman Pilot dies from plane crash in St. Louis-area lake

A Pennsylvania woman has died from injuries she suffered in a small plane crash in a St. Louis-area lake that also killed her husband.

A spokeswoman for DePaul Health Center in Bridgeton says 69-year-old Suzanne Hazelton died Monday. She had been on life support since a plane piloted by her husband, 78-year-old Russell Hazelton, crashed into Creve Coeur Lake last Wednesday.

Russell Hazelton died the day after the crash.
The Hazeltons, of Lake Winola, Pa., were flying to their home in Town and Country when the accident occurred.
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch  says that Russell Hazelton was flying the Piper PA-28 Cherokee from Ohio to Creve Coeur Airport when it crashed into the lake not far from the airfield in Maryland Heights.
The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating.

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Plane crash in Flight inspired by real-life Alaska Airlines disaster
Calgary Herald
With the upcoming release of the disaster film "Flight," acclaimed director Robert Zemeckis can rightly seek the title of Hollywood's "plane crash king." Zemeckis poses for a photograph for his new movie "Flight" in Toronto on Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2012.
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Denzel Washington soars in 'Flight'
This is one of those Washington roles, like his Oscar-winning work in "Training Day," in which he exudes a potent mix of damage and bravado, control and danger, but he's so incredibly charismatic even as he does bad deeds that you can't help but root ...
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New Agreements Between Bombardier and CAE
Aviation Week
When fully equipped, the facility will offer Level D full-flight simulators and an integrated suite of flight training devices and advanced classroom settings to provide both pilot and maintenance training for multiple Bombardier business aircraft ...
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Boeing Pilot Instructors Complete Training on EC135 Helicopter with Surf Life ...
The BDA flight instructors on the AATTS program currently provide basic flight training to Australian Army pilots using Kiowa aircraft, and more than 100 pilots have graduated from the program in the past five years. HATS is a follow-on contract to ...
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FSI Orlando: The Disney World of Training
Aviation International News
However, he said full-service contracts have inherent advantages, including FSI's pilotproficiency protection program. Pilots on a full-service contract get free recurrenttraining if they switch employers. “Essentially, the [new employer] gets free ...
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GSE Systems Announces Naval Training Contract
This pilot program will utilize GSE's established training curriculum, 3D visualization training tools, and VPanel technologies, and include fundamentals training in areas such as physics, mechanical, electrical and thermo-hydraulic engineering ...
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Pilot program teaches aboriginal culinary arts
As part of the pilot version of the Professional Cook Level 1 training program, 10 students, five of whom are from the Tsleil-Waututh community, were trained in areas such as food preparation, food safety, and menu development. George, a chef with over...
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Trust grant helps pilot Ryan reach for the skies
The Southern Reporter
“He also plans to start training for his power-pilot's licence as soon as he is 16, with a view to gaining his licence at 17. He doesn't yet know which career in flying he wants to try for - Royal Air Force or airline – but he is certain the sport of ...
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The Southern Reporter
CAE/APS Upset Prevention and Recovery Training Push Continues
Aviation International News
CAE and Aviation Performance Solutions (APS) are now working together to provide academic and in-flight upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT) to flightinstructors and student cadets (ab initio pilots) attending CAE Oxford Aviation Academy ...
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Aviation Division has new pilot
Clanton Advertiser
Williams completed his pilot certification requirements that included training in basic flightmaneuvers, cross-country and night flight as well as maneuvering the aircraft by reference to flightinstruments. The process also required the completion of ...
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