Saturday 10 November 2012

Boy turns Halloween candy into hurricane relief money

Take Down The Christmas Decorations!
Unfortunately, the decision by retailers to display Christmas decorations before the cobwebs ofHalloween have been swept away—and well before the Thanksgiving turkey has been cooked—has me slightly annoyed; and in talking with others I know I'm not ...
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What if Halloween and All Souls Day Were Observed as a Single Holiday in the ...
Huffington Post
I think many would agree that Halloween is in need of an image makeover, and what better time than now to re-examine this American tradition in an increasingly Latin-influenced country. Yesterday was the end of La Calaca, a new four-day festival I had ...
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Halloween tradition rocks Miramar community
A neighborhood Halloween concert drew a crowd that included costumed witches, ninjas, Iron Man and Freddy Krueger. As night fell and unleashed ghoulish creatures seeking sweets, a crowd gathered in front of a garage in Miramar's Trilogy community to ...
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Get Your House GeekDad-Ready for Halloween 2013!
Halloween 2012 may be behind us, but I'm already jotting down ideas for next year. You see, a buddy of mine (who's name will not be mentioned) has thrown down the gauntlet. He poked a little fun at my yard this year which consisted of nine tombstones ...
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Letter: Times' Halloween postponement jeer unjustified
5 from Oct. 31) to take the pressure from local authorities and make Halloween safer and consistent for all communities. Local authorities complied because they would be the first to be blamed if children had been injured while trick or treating in a ...
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Kati Mora: Tips for making most of leftover Halloween candy
The Morning Sun
As a dietitian, I'm often referred to as the “food police.” And although I have been known to hand out stickers, raisins, and oranges to trick-or-treaters who stop by my home or store on October 31st, I wouldn't consider myself a Halloween naysayer. In ...
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Boy turns Halloween candy into hurricane relief money
Austin American-Statesman
Zach Stachura, 10, of Circle C, poses for a portrait outside of the Central Texas Red Cross, where donated $241, he raised with the help of his orthodontist, family and friends by selling Halloweencandy for Sandy storm victims in the Austin, Texas, ...
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Halloween boo (hoo)
Farm and Dairy
This Halloween was the first in 15 Halloweens that I had no little ones to force into a ridiculous costume and cart around town. The fact that it is 40 degrees and raining seems a special gift to make me feel a whole lot better about missing out this ...
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Despite good intentions, Halloween plans fall through
Midland Reporter-Telegram
By Melanie Nicholas. I have, once again, missed the point. In all of my October frenzy, I became a Halloweenie. Little Son looooves Halloween, and I wanted to carefully pre-plan so I had plenty-o-energy come the 31st. I wanted a magical evening, full ...
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Cops search for girl missing since Halloween
Chicago Tribune
Chicago police issued a missing person alert for a 15-year-old girl who was last seen outside of a Chicago high school on Halloween. Lynsey Kurek, of the 6000 block of South McVicker Avenue, was seen at a CTA bus shop at Kennedy High School, 6325 W.
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