Tuesday 3 July 2012

Career in Australian Airlines

The size of Qantas, and the range of businesses across the Group, mean that the roles and work opportunities available are broad and exciting. So, whatever your skills and experience, there are many roles that may be suitable for you, both now and in the future.

You can search and apply now for roles right across the Qantas Group or simply register your interest for future vacancies!

Please see below for more information on each area.

We are looking for committed customer service professionals who share our passion in delivering a premium experience for each of our customers, every time they fly. This is a great opportunity to join an experienced airline working with its team of genuine, caring and motivated flight attendants.

Qantas Engineering Apprenticeship Program

Passengers that fly with an airline in the Qantas Group of airlines can be assured that the pilots and flight crews have the skills, training and commitment to make their journey safely and smoothly.

These pilots are selected by the respective airline in the Qantas Group for their experience, talent and ability to handle any situation. They are rewarded for their performance, skills and dedication through active career progression backed by excellent training, facilities and ongoing support from their respective airline.

Airlines in the Qantas Group are seeking applications from suitably qualified pilots, instructors, trainee pilots and cadet pilot applicants. Please see below for information and links to the various airlines.

Are you ready to start your flying career with the worlds most experienced airline?

Qantas prides itself on the excellence of its pilot training and the Qantas Cadet Pilot Program is no exception. This program gives you a unique opportunity to build your knowledge and experience with access to industry leading training and dedicated staff.

Depending on your level of experience, Qantas offers four university and flying based programs to meet your training requirements.
Professional and superior training by an industry leader
Access to the very best education and training designed to prepare you for the expectations required of an experienced airline pilot.
Qualified and dedicated staff to provide you with individual support and advice throughout your time as a Qantas Cadet
Flight training offered by Qantas Approved Flight Training Organisations and these organisations operate at the highest standards, at every step, All staff are highly qualified in delivering flight training to meet the needs of Qantas
Government assistance is available (to eligible Cadets) through FEE-HELP and HECS, ensuring that the Qantas Cadet Pilot Program is one of the most cost effective ways of undertaking Pilot training in Australia.

Qantas Pilot Recruitment has recently completed the final review of its Cadet Program requirements. After careful consideration we have informed our Industry Partners of our intention to suspend all proposed Cadet programs. We acknowledge that this message will disappoint candidates interested in Cadet opportunities, however the decision has been based on numerous internal and external factors which we believe warrants the suspension of all courses.

Qantas Pilot Recruitment will continue to review Cadet opportunities.

Unfortunately there will not be a cadet pilot program in 2012. Keep watching this site for further information relating to future cadet pilot opportunities.

Information current as at 29th May 2012.

Further Information

To find out more about the Qantas Cadet Pilot Program, please refer to the below links which will provide you with all of the relevant information relating to each individual Cadet Program.

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