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The Air Transport Association of Canada c

The Air Transport Association of Canada came into existence as a result of a conference of aircraft operators and aircraft manufacturers held in Ottawa (at the Chateau Laurier Hotel) on November 18, 1934. Forty-one delegates from commercial companies were present, as well as nine representatives from the Civil Aviation Division-which was then under the Department of National Defence, and five members of the National Research Council. The association was called the Commercial Air Transport and Manufacturers' Association of Canada.

At the inception of the Association, and during its first three years of existence, the membership consisted of eighteen with equal representation from operators and manufacturers. In 1937 a permanent staff was appointed and an office was established in Ottawa. In 1939 the total membership was forty-eight.

On November 2, 1942 the name was changed to the Air Industries and Transport Association of Canada and on April 9, 1962, when the industrial members withdrew, the continuing group formed in 1934 was renamed the Air Transport Association of Canada. A number of present member companies trace their history back to that first meeting in Ottawa.

Today, ATAC advances the issues that affect members' bottom lines. We deliver direct value through a set of services, which help shape the development of those issues in the public realm.

ATAC, which is located at 255 Albert Street, suite 700, in Ottawa, has a permanent staff of 8, headed by a President and CEO, and a Board of Directors from various member companies, elected by the membership. The membership currently stands at approximately 200 Operator and Associate Members. ATAC, founded in 1934, serves as Canada's national trade association for commercial aviation and flight training industries as well as aviation industry suppliers.



Whereas the Air Transport Association of Canada wishes to honour and pay tribute to the individuals having, during their lifetime, contributed significantly to the improvement of the Association and the Canadian air transport industry; and

Whereas the association and the industry will be best served by continued association with such distinguished members;

Be it resolved that the Board of Directors of the Air Transport Association of Canada may, from time to time, bestow an honorary membership upon a worthy individual and that the following terms of reference shall be used as guidelines in selecting candidates to be so honoured:
Individuals shall have been engaged in the Canadian air transport industry for a minimum of 25 years.
Individuals shall have participated actively in the affairs of the Air Transport Association of Canada.
Individuals shall be recognized as having contributed significantly to the development of the Association and the industry.
While there shall be no requirement to issue honorary life memberships each year, issue should not exceed two (2) in any given year.
See listing of Honorary Life Members

Over the years, ATAC has established a practice of recognizing the outstanding achievements in our industry. In keeping with this tradition, ATAC is pleased to announce the establishment of the ATAC Achievers Honour Roll.

In honour of ATAC Board members Al Kapty, Rick Wynott and John Scholefield, who have made many lasting and significant contributions to our industry, the ATAC Achievers Honour Roll was established as a permanent memorial to their achievements and to honour others who may meet their standard in the future.

The Honour Roll will recognize those ATAC members who, through participation in ATAC and other activities, have demonstrated a very high level of service and performance of benefit to aviation in Canada. The Honour Roll will be sponsored and supported by ATAC members.

Honour Roll Inductees would be recognized at the ATAC Annual General Meeting.  Nominations to the Honour Roll can be made by any ATAC member of any individual, group or corporation who have contributed positively to aviation in Canada.  This is not an annual recognition or event so as to be a very special honour when the ATAC Board decides someone or something is worthy of this recognition .

See list of past recipients

As a further tribute to Paul Mulrooney, ATAC is pleased to launch special award.  This award will be given annually to an employee of an operator member company who has demonstrated progressive advancement to and within management positions.  The award will be presented at during our Annual General Meeting.

Application Criteria
The Paul Mulrooney Memorial Award of Excellence will be given to an employee of an operator member company who has demonstrated excellence in a progressive and continued advancement to and within management positions.

Candidates have to be sponsored by the employer and the award is intended to be given every year but there is no requirement to award one each year. A Selection Committee designated by the ATAC Board of Directors will propose each year’s winner among all eligible applicants.

Ideally, the applicant should:
Have at least 10 years of experience in commercial aviation;
Have achieved steady progression up to management positions from their entry level positions;
Be employed by an ATAC operator member in good standing;
Have demonstrated leadership in team management;
Have maintained and demonstrated the highest ethical standards;
Have demonstrated the highest industry safety standards;
Be willing to act as an ambassador in the promotion of our industry.
Be passionate in supporting the pathways through education for youth choosing aviation as a career.
The winner will be selected by a Selection Committee designated by the Board and approved at the August meeting of the ATAC Board of Directors.  The prize will be presented at ATAC’s Annual General Meeting.

Past ATAC Honour Roll Recipients

From 2000 to 2003, ATAC conducted a series of awards for Canadian flight schools, air taxi and charter operators, which celebrated innovative approaches in the Canadian aviation industry. The awards were selected by a panel of senior industry and government representatives. The innovation awards recognized companies who demonstrate they have incorporated best practices for increasing safety and increased product quality, by developing a practice, or strategy that is so innovative it will serve as an example for others to follow and learn from.  Past winners are listed below.   This initiative has been replaced with the ATAC Honour Roll.
Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark… Professionals built the Titanic.

2009 - Paul Mulrooney, Air Georgian

2008 - Mike Doiron, Moncton Flight College

2005 - Ted Brown, Seneca College

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