Wednesday 5 September 2012

Asaram Bapu and four others had a miraculous escape when their helicopter crashed

GODHRA (Gujarat): Religious guru Asaram Bapu and four others had a miraculous escape when their helicopter crashed just ahead of landing at a local college here today, police said.

They sustained minor injuries in the incident, police said.

"The chartered helicopter Asaram Bapu and his followers were travelling in developed a technical snag prior to landing at Godhra Science college and fell from a considerable height," police officials said.

It fell on the ground after losing balance and the impact was so powerful that it lay tilted on the ground, they said.

Bapu and the pilot had to be taken out after breaking the glass. They were rushed for treatment to a nearby Ashram hospital, officials said.

The guru was scheduled to address a two-day satsang (religious) function organised here, they said.

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List of 18 MURDERS by Asaram Bapu in ashram

List of Murders In Asaram bapu ashram

In Virngham ashram which is apx. 1 hour from Ahmedabad sadhak named ZANDU (real name Narender, as asaram changes names in is cult), who came from MP. 2yrs ago on Sunday was murdered. He was sanchalak of Virangham ashram. No FIR about the murder was ever written, after murdering criminals of asaram called asaram that Zandu is dead now what do with dead body, then asaram told them to NIPTA lo mamla. Bidhisa was there. Asaram was in his Ahmedabad ashram.

Amor Bhai (Pile Vastra wala, there is another Amor also but this is the one who was given yellow clothes to wear) about 7 yrs ago his age was around 35 at that time Near Surat there is an ashram, he was sanchalak. He saw asaram in sexual exploitation and he didn’t wanted to be in ashram. Asaram told sadhaks to beat him brutally that he was dead. Asaram himself got his ritual done in Ahmedabad ashram itself, & in front of sadhaks he said he was stealing from ashram & now he couldn’t bear the pain of stealing so did suicide. Vanzara helped him to rush up the murder case. Body was given fire ritual and body finished. NO FIR, NO complaint. But there are over 37 witnesses who saw this murder.

Naresh Murder age 10-11yrs.- Ahmedabad – They were two bothers from mujaffurnagar, their Mother / Father started living in ashram & at that time asaram had no gurukul to brainwash so kids used to go outside to study in school. This story is apx. 10 yrs ago in Ahmedabad Naresh was murdered in ashram but ashram said he did suicide. 10 yrs old kid did suicide ? why ? No police complaint? No FIR ? Asaram ashram did fire ritual of the body. Witnesses are out of his ashram & some are still there. story can be confirmed with anyone who is associated with Ahmedabad ashram from 10 yrs.

Naresh Trivedi - Asaram used to call him CID as he was used to give information about other ashram inmates to asaram. He used to work as angad sewak, & used to read books for asaram so asaram can raata maro those things to speak in his pravachans. The day he was murdered asaram told ashram wasi there in Rishikesh that he has drowned in gunga river. nadi mein doob kar mar gaya hai.

Vashi -From Bombay – his sister still lives in ashram and under illusion of asaram. He used to work in rishi Prasad in day & in night he was security man of ashram. murdered in ashram because he was protesting his sisters misuse 7 sexual exploitation but after murdering Asaram said nadi mein doob kar mar gaya. mari gaya to zinda kar do kya ?

Balalk das maharaj – Karol bagh ashram – he used to run this ashram & asaram promised him he will give him 5 lakh if gives this ashram to him. he agreed but Asaram moved in and before asaram could pay him out asaram ordered his murder through poison. Goverdhan & Ram bhai jattadhari, Ashok bhai bhandari (vaid) (he is asaram in chetna ke swar) ne zahar de kar maar diya & asaram took over the forest land where ashram was there, then later asaram expanded the coverage of land by himself as whole land is of forest department of government & no construction can be done but asaram still has the possession of the land.

Variayo – Rajokri ashram – He came from Orrisa and was working to construct rajokri ashram in 2002 one night snake had bitten him. ashram people had called Kaka mani in Karol bagh that snake had bitten him 7 we need to take him to hospital. Kaka mani said we will look into this in the morning, no need to worry he is chotta jaati ka aadmi. In the morning ashram people took him to hospital where he was declared dead, Narayan sai in Karol bagh ashram touched the body and said main isko zinda kar sakta hoon, par agar yeh zindda ho gaya to sukhi nahin rahega saari zindagi, zinda karoon kya ? People around him said no. They then took the dead body for fire ritual, narayan sai asaram bapu’s son gave kandha for a minute & kaka mani took the body to cremation ground. They got rid of the body easily. poor parents had came from Orrisa but were no even offered water in ashram & they were told your son ne sadgadhi prapt kar li hai kyonki narayan sai ne kandha diya hai usko.

Ahilya AYARI – Durbhungha – bihar – narayan sai told village people that he can make any one bring to life even though if he dead with sanke bit. village people came & told him we have our daughter dead two days ago and we have buried the child in ground can you make her alive ? narayan said yes bring the dead body to me. whole village went back but half of village people didn’t came under superstition so they stopped parents to take the dead body from ground. parents came back to naryan sai ashram & told him to do his pooja in cremation ground itself so come with them. Narayan sai got scared as he knew he can’t bring that dead girl to life because he wanted that child to bring to ashram o he can eat the flesh, but how will he do it there in front of people. so he sent one another tantrik from ashram with pipal ki leaves. But in cremation ground dead body was taken out tantrik of asaram & narayan put people leaves in nose & ear nothing happened. Villagers got agitated they went back to ashram to kill narayan for playing with their feelings but narayan fled to Nepal that night. this story was published in local news paper of Durbhungha. It just shows asaram & narayan have pattern of murders & then playing with dead bodies. Both have no feelings for dead alive people. This is why parents of so many people are victims who are asking for their son & daughter back from his ashram.

Jaswant singh s/o Pratap singh – Rajokri delhi. Three teenagers were in ashram and ashram people got hold of them thinking they are here to steal. They tied them up upside down on tree to all three, & were beating them, in the mean time asaram came to give his speech, all who were beating went there and forgot that kids are still hanging on tree. By the time they came back one was dead. they threatend the two and told them to run away. Then dead body was taken to kapoor’s warehouse in najafgarh. From there after two day the dead body was taken to haridwaar in ashram, cut in pieces then put in bag then thrown in gunga. Police still can’t find body. eventhoguh 6 people were caught they admitted in their bayan yes the jaswant is dead, but his motorcycle was planted at new delhi rly station and declared he has gone outside of delhi. Pratap ji still doesn’t know his son is dead, it’s hard for us to reveal to him. so please atleast inform him. He is still hoping for the son to be back from asaram ashram or facts to be revealed to him.

Chindwara – two kids murdered – Shadow coverup of case by parents under the influnece of asaram.

Ahmedabad – Abhisheikh, Deepesh Vaghela – Two cousins murdered of Vaghela – details will come soon.

From couple of years ago asaram is brainwashing educated people & thier parents come up with legal cases against asaram so to protect himself Asaram has made a contract paper it is called  ajjevan daan paper which he gets signed from brainwashed fanatics once they are brainwashed & are manipulated to live in ashram. it says now they ar giving thier life to asaram. HUMM  think about it.  what will you do if your own family member or son gets involved with asaram.

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