Tuesday 2 July 2013

Drunk Lankan Cricketer Tried To Open Aircraft Door At 35,000 Feet

The unnamed Sri Lankan A team player was said to have pushed and pulled for up to two minutes at the exterior door on a packed British Airways flight from St Lucia to Gatwick.

A Sri Lankan cricketer tried to open the door of a British Airways flight from St Lucia to London Gatwick while the plane was at 35,000 feet. The drunk cricketer, wearing a blue-coloured team T-shirt, told cabin crew he was searching for the toilet.

The Daily Mail reported that the unnamed player from the Sri Lankan A team, pulled at the door for two minutes, creating panic among fellow passengers on the Trans-Atlantic flight on Monday.

A witness told the newspaper: “It was pretty frightening. I’m a nervous flyer anyway but things had been fine until then. I was awake. My daughter had been crying. So I saw everything.”

The cricketer was wearing a Sri Lankan polo-shirt team uniform with their country’s name in yellow lettering. The witness said: “The BA flight attendants came running down the aisle and tried to calm him down. He seemed quite disoriented.”

Another witness was quoted as saying: “It was very scary. He looked very dazed or drunk. Some of his team-mates were shouting and telling him to stop. I was just a few feet away. My mum was really upset. Thank goodness he was stopped. Somebody said they had been drinking for four hours before they got on the plane.”

A spokesman for British Airways said that: “The event was linked to ‘an element of alcohol’. He explained his mistake and cabin crew accepted it in good faith. Cabin crew reassured customers who witnessed the event.” BA stressed that it is impossible to open the pressurised door in mid-flight.

The Sri Lankan A team were flying back after a Test and limited-overs series against the West Indies A squad. The tour ended on June 27.

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